Workshop with Simulation: Flow is the King

Workshop with Simulation: Flow is the King - JS Project

Would you like to deliver products and services to your Customers in a predictable & stable way? Create your own Dream Team? Start a journey of continuous improvements in your company and team? Last but not least: get sustainable business results?

Flow is the King Simulation Workshop will help you achieve those goals. The management method to achieve them is Flow Management. And the most efficient approach to experience and learn Flow Management is yours and your team participation in the Flow simulation workshop.

By participating in Flow is the King simulation workshop you’ll learn how to achieve the stable and predictable flow and also how to implement it in your business environment.

Flow is the King simulation workshop goals

During the simulation workshop you’ll get the chance to learn the Flow Management philosophy & practices such as:

  • Visualization of the process and work
  • Limiting the Work in Process (WIP)
  • Explicit policies
  • Continuous improvement through teamwork.

You will also learn the Flow Management metrics such as:

  • Cycle Time
  • Throughput
  • Flow Efficiency.

We’ll have a discussion & analysis of the Flow Management practices in your work context.

You will also get the answers to detailed questions, regarding Flow Management and its application in your environment.


Workshop with Simulation: Flow is the King - JS Project

Workshop agenda

Workshop agenda covers:

  • Two rounds of simulation with retrospectives in each of the two teams and with simulation summary retrospective
  • Sharing and exchanging participants practical experiences in project, product management and flow management (if any)
  • Presentation and discussion of flow metrics and their application in project & product environment
  • Networking sessions within teams and the whole group of participants.
  • Final workshop retrospective with the identifications of personal take-aways.

In the simulation part of the workshop – based on Featureban game developed by Mike Burrows - the participants working in 5-6 members teams - during two simulation rounds will experience the transition from traditional, flow-less work and management methods to a flow state, delivering more business value in a more efficient way, with people engagement and cooperation.

During the 1st Round of the simulation workshop, the participants will:

  • Experience the “traditional” work management methods, focused on the resource optimization
  • Identify main obstacles & blockers hindering the Flow of work

Next, during a retrospective participants will develop their own experiments, aimed at the more stable and predictable flow.

During the 2nd Round of the simulation workshop, the participants will:

  • Implement the suggested improvements and Flow Management practices
  • Verify the impact of implemented Flow Management practices  on business results, on team collaboration level and team satisfaction
  • Learn & understand Pull System concept as well as various Flow Management metrics that can be used to measure business results.


Final workshop retrospective

During the workshop retrospectives we will summarize our learnings and relate them to participants' work context. The participants will also identify the take-aways – the actions, which  can help introduce Flow management concept and practices in their work environment.


Target group

The simulation workshop is targeted at project managers, project team leaders, team members aiming to get or extend their knowledge in the area of flow management, to gather practical flow experience in a safe simulation environment and share and exchange their project experience.



Jerzy Stawicki, Ph.D.

Workshop with Simulation: Flow is the King - JS Project

Jerzy is a consultant and trainer with over 25+ years of experience in the field of project, program & portfolio management and leadership as well as building project efficient and focused agile organizations.

He is saying that: “I help organizations, managers, project managers and team to work clever, in a more efficient way and get more fun and satisfaction out of work”.

Jerzy is a promoter of efficient management practices such as Flow Management, OKRs (Objectives Key Results), “Management 3.0” delivering workshops, courses, presentations and consultancy.

You will learn more about Jerzy’s professional experience at:


Maciej Jarosz

Workshop with Simulation: Flow is the King - JS Project

Maciej is an entrepreneur in his own company Global Entrepreneurs, an ITSM Service Manager, previously an ITILv4 trainer & DevOps Ambassador & trainer with a total experience in the IT industry spanning 8 years.

Maciej is interested in the best that DevOps & ITSM worlds has to offer, to combine and create an unique hybrid approach that’ll optimize the work processes worldwide, all based on Flow.

Maciej has an interest in collaboration engineering & facilitation methods, being one of the first people who started the Liberating Structures movement in Poland.

You will learn more about Maciej’s professional experience at:


 Workshop organization

The open, English language, workshop will be held on-line on September, 30th 2021, from 9:00 AM CET up till 4:30 PM CET (with ½ big coffee break).

The workshop is delivered via line Zoom and is applying Trello application.

The Trello account is therefore required: hence all participants are required to possess or create a Trello account before the simulation workshop takes place.


In-house workshop

The workshop can be also delivered as an in-house event, aimed at the team or teams from one company. If you are interested in organizing such in-house event, pls contact me via: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.



Price: 250 € + 23% VAT per ticket .

The price includes:

  • Participation in the Flow is the King simulation workshop delivered by two Flow Management experts
  • Workshop materials


Special discounts

We offer a special discount for tickets ordered by 2+ people from the same company. The discount starts at 10%.

For bulk & special orders please contact us via an email or a direct message on LikedIn.


Project Management Institute PDU points opportunity:

By participating in the simulation workshop you can obtain 7 PDU points.

PDU earned (Professional Development Unit) in the PMI Talent Triangle are broken down as follows:

  • Technical Project Management – 5,
  • Leadership – 1,
  • Business & Strategic skills – 1.



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